Make Known His Multigaming Community in 5 Steps for Rust, Ark and Minecraft Servers

Players are attracted by events regularly organized by the owners of the servers often called “Community Manager”. Multigaming communities are supposed to enhance the multiplayer gaming experience by creating “plugin” additions that will modify or add a specific goal for the player and thus make the game more interesting and attractive.

These modifications are possible in some games like Minecraft (with Bukkit plugins platform), Rust with the Oxide API, ARK:SE, FiveM and others games. Some communities have thousands of regular players and are paid by player’s donations and purchases (premium accounts, gold coin… ).

PREMIUM accounts offer players advantages such as: being able to customize their car, gain access to new items (as in Minecraft, Rust or ARK), get a rank or a VIP name.

1) Create a logo of your multigaming community

The website will represent your community, it’s your job to create one. To be done, several platforms are available on the web to create its website without knowledge in php. If your website is limited to the articles publication and servers presentation, use a cms such as WordPress! It’s freely downloadable on the web!

2) Create a PHPBB forum

Create a forum, it’s a module that I advise you to integrate on your website to allow members to share the best moments, their creations, share YouTube videos. It is advisable to use a cms such as PHPBB (free to use).

3) Regularly animate your community

The animations called “events” in the world of online video games are important features to attract the attention of players and show that your community is constantly active. Be active on social networks and create regular contests with prizes to win.

This allows you to make your community more active, build player loyalty and have a quick contact when you want to get a message across.

4) Maintain a good servers visiblity

Servers lists exist for each game and are visited by thousands of potential players every day. If you have a Rust server, register it on a maximum of top sites.

5) Be present on Google and other search engine

Example in our case: Rust servers, Minecraft servers, find a Rust multiplayer server… Create threads on the forums whose content is related to your game and answer the top-rated topics by Google by providing a link to your community website. Think to make useful articles for the forum users.

Create keyword-rich articles that link to your website, describe your community, plan events, and describe your game rules, forum, website, and server.

This article contains all the important points not to neglect to make a community alive and constantly evolving. Create new features, create other servers on several games, be present and do not hesitate to recruit moderators to help you manage your players and animate your servers.

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VR Arcade – Game Changer in the World of Gaming


It refers to the artificial environment, a computer-generated environment created with the help of a combination of hardware and software so as to help the user to experience ‘near reality’ surroundings.

The person interacting with it becomes a part of the artificial world and then he is able to operate objects and perform operations.

It is one of the enticing real technologies that allow an individual to believe that he is somewhere where he is actually not.


A VR Arcade is a place where the people can go, pay some cash and rent a VR Handset for a set amount of time and play a bundle of games. The type of games to be put in your arcade depends upon the owner of the arcade i.e. the one who has paid rent to own a VR Arcade.

They are allowing people to experience the artificial world i.e. computer-generated world without a handset as the virtual reality handsets are expensive and not everyone can afford the same.

They have been introduced to resolve this problem. They are now considered to be the future of gaming.

Sitting and playing video games at home does not give a real-life experience, but virtual reality games feel real. Your body is controlling your character which means that your body is more active.

Spending upon video games and VR Handsets are not worth, but if the same is done in a VR arcade then it is worth spending. They allow one to have good experiences with various types of games available.


They are a cheaper substitute for buying an expensive VR Handset to be used in homes. Whenever you are in a mood to experience virtual reality gaming, then you can get to the nearest VR Arcade and after paying some bucks; rent the VR Handset for a particular time limit.


They allow us to be physically and mentally involved in the virtual environment. It is really a fun and exciting experience. Even though it has some after effects in the form of a headache, fatigue, unconsciousness, vomiting etc. but it helps one to react to the stimuli. It enhances the creativity of the users.


It is advised that it should not be used by children under 13 as the same may affect the development of kids.

The children aged 13 or more must use a VR Arcade in the supervision of Parents and breaks must exist while using them. Parents must keep in mind that the kids use it for a limited time period as its prolonged use may negatively impact the eye-brain connection and the after effects include drowsiness, vomiting etc.

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